Alcohol Addiction Sobriety

Powering Through: How You Can Stay the Course in the Face of Withdrawal

One of the biggest hurdles facing recovering alcoholics would be withdrawal symptoms which can last for quite some time. Today, we wanted to discuss how recovering alcoholics can stay the course in the face of withdrawal. Last time, we discussed a few of the common withdrawal symptoms. In today’s discussion, we want to share some […]

Alcohol Addiction Sobriety

Withdrawal Symptoms: Some Few Symptoms You Should Expect

If you’ve decided to leave your bad habits, first off good on you! Today, we wanted to provide you with some information on some withdrawal symptoms you will probably face on your way to complete sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms are physical and mental side-effects which come after the absence of a particular drug or addictive substance. […]

Recovery Sobriety

Talking about Steps: Why a Routine Helps Stave Away Drinking Temptation

In the journey towards complete and consistent sobriety, there are certain things that you can actively do to better your chances for it. You can go for therapy or group sessions. Personally, we like the simplicity and efficacy of routines. What is a Routine? A routine is a predetermined set of actions that is normally […]