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Staying Sober: 3 Activities That Can Help You Out

Sobriety is a continuous struggle. It’s not something that you attain one day and then the rest of your life goes smoothly—hardly the case. Instead, sobriety is something that you need to work at every single day. For a lot of us, this can be quite the challenge which is why it would be important to arm yourself with some ideas on the sort of activities that you can do.

Here are some activities that several of us personally do:


One of the primary reasons why decided to go sober was the fact that our health was severely impacted by bad habits. Health is not something that you can just throw money at in order to be on the right side of it. It is something that you will need to actually put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for.

Exercising helps to get the body back to its natural healthy state. It keeps the mind clear and keeps recovering alcoholics busy with something productive. Exercise not only keeps you mentally and physically healthy but it also helps with your confidence and self-worth.


The artistic pursuits of many have been fueled by personal tragedy and pain. Arts do not just refer to painting or sculpting. The arts refer to a wide spectrum of activities like:


Dance is a double whammy for us since it not only gives you a work out but it’s a pretty good way to channel your struggles into healthy representation and release.


Some of the best memoirs we’ve read were all from struggling alcoholics. They know how difficult the process of sobriety is and they use their words to paint a candid portrait of the reality of the struggle.

There are so many other forms of arts out there and we wholly suggest that you try to find out that fits your skills and your desires.


Helping others is a gift that is utterly priceless. Many of us volunteer at rehab centers and even alcoholic recovery groups. It really is quite fulfilling to utilize our own personal experiences and turn them into tools that can help other people.

Volunteerism not only keeps you busy but will also widen your network of friends and supporters. Every struggling alcoholic needs a good support network.

Moving Forward…

Getting sober is hard. Staying sober is a lot harder. We want you to know that we know exactly what you are going through and that you are not alone in your struggles. We hope that you will find an activity that keeps you well away from temptation and will keep you on the wagon so to speak.

What activities are you a part of that really helps you stay sober?