Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The Power of Peers: How Support Groups Can Help Beat Alcoholism

In the quest for sobriety and sustained recovery, one of the options besides self-detox programs like the ones provides is that people go and join support groups and organizations. Today, we wanted to have a more comprehensive discussion regarding how they can help beat alcoholism.


If you are lucky enough to have a caring set of friends and a supportive family, you will not have to tackle alcoholism alone. The reality of the situation is that most alcoholics end up driving their friends and families away.

Support groups are able to provide organic and authentic empathy for its members. After all, only someone who either has gone through or is going through something completely similar would be able to provide complete understanding to what the recovering alcoholic is going through.


Support groups place a lot of emphasis on the accountability of its members for their decisions. They will usually pair members up with each other in order to support each other on the day-to-day happenings. They are often the one that they call when they feel the urge to drink again or there is something that is threatening the wellness program that they are on.

Most rehabilitation centers will partner up with support groups because they understand that sobriety is an ongoing process. You don’t just instantly recover after a stint at a rehab. The urge to drink will be something that will be present in every second of every day. This is why accountability is quite important for a recovering alcoholic.

Further Self-Understanding

Support groups making empowering of their members as one of the primary directives of recovery. Drinking is often a symptom that has gone awry but not necessarily the problem itself. Drinking stems from another issue entirely and support groups intend to get to the heart of the problem.

It is through regular counseling sessions and countless talks with a support group partner that a breakthrough is achieved. Support groups provide a safe and judgment free space for people to truly reach a better level of self-understanding. Achieving this enables a stronger foundation to leave alcoholism behind.

Moving Forward…

The road to recovery can seem hard and dark—especially when you believe that you have to walk it alone. Support groups are a testament to the fact that recovering addicts and those who want to achieve sobriety are never alone in their quest. The power of peers is a strong one and should be harnessed by anyone who is thinking of breaking free of their addiction.

Do you have a support group? What do you think you can gain from them?