Alcohol Addiction Sobriety

Powering Through: How You Can Stay the Course in the Face of Withdrawal

One of the biggest hurdles facing recovering alcoholics would be withdrawal symptoms which can last for quite some time. Today, we wanted to discuss how recovering alcoholics can stay the course in the face of withdrawal. Last time, we discussed a few of the common withdrawal symptoms. In today’s discussion, we want to share some […]

Alcohol Addiction Sobriety

Withdrawal Symptoms: Some Few Symptoms You Should Expect

If you’ve decided to leave your bad habits, first off good on you! Today, we wanted to provide you with some information on some withdrawal symptoms you will probably face on your way to complete sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms are physical and mental side-effects which come after the absence of a particular drug or addictive substance. […]

Alcohol Addiction Health

What You Affect: Four Common Health Issues Attributed to Alcoholism

If you’ve ever heard that imbibing copious amounts of alcohol is bad, they aren’t lying or stretching the truth. Alcohol can—and will—screw up the body’s natural system and processes. Today, we wanted to talk about some common health issues that are attributed to alcoholism. Anemia Any doctor will tell you that anemia refers to the […]

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Talking about Steps: Why a Routine Helps Stave Away Drinking Temptation

In the journey towards complete and consistent sobriety, there are certain things that you can actively do to better your chances for it. You can go for therapy or group sessions. Personally, we like the simplicity and efficacy of routines. What is a Routine? A routine is a predetermined set of actions that is normally […]

Alcohol Addiction Family

The Power of Therapy: Why Family Members of Alcoholics Need It

The biggest trouble with alcohol addiction is the fact that it does not just affect one life—it affects the lives of countless others. Today, we wanted to discuss therapy and why the family members of alcoholics need this as well. This may seem like an odd choice of topic given that our primary focus is […]

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

More than Just One: Three Different Sorts of Binge Drinkers

In order to fully understand a problem like alcohol addiction, it would be important to understand different facets about it. Today, we want to look a little closer at the different types of binge drinkers. Binge drinking is defined as the inordinately excessive amount of alcohol intake within a short period of time. Binge drinking […]

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The Power of Peers: How Support Groups Can Help Beat Alcoholism

In the quest for sobriety and sustained recovery, one of the options besides self-detox programs like the ones provides is that people go and join support groups and organizations. Today, we wanted to have a more comprehensive discussion regarding how they can help beat alcoholism. Empathy If you are lucky enough to have a […]