Alcohol Addiction Recovery

More than Just One: Three Different Sorts of Binge Drinkers

In order to fully understand a problem like alcohol addiction, it would be important to understand different facets about it. Today, we want to look a little closer at the different types of binge drinkers. Binge drinking is defined as the inordinately excessive amount of alcohol intake within a short period of time.

Binge drinking is often one of the common habits of a struggling alcoholic. People often thought that there was a single type of binge drinker—after all, how many ways can people drink a ton of alcohol, right? As it turns out, it is the reason behind the binging that differentiates them from the rest. For example:

Conformist Drinker

The conformist drinker is one that drinks in order to fit into an idea or a visage that they think is worth adhering to. Have you ever seen ads of men in suits, enjoying a glass of brandy (or something else) after a hard day’s work? That ideal has been peddled for decades and has finally hit home with their audiences.

It’s not just this particular ad, as well. Social media has made it seem that partying hard with a bunch of friends or strangers and getting absolutely wasted is one that “everyone does” or at least, those who are ‘cool’ or ‘in’ do. Conformist drinkers drink in excess in order to fit this ideal because they believe this is something that everyone does.

De-Stress Drinker

Sadly, this type of binge drinker is one that is more common than we would like. Life is hard—this much is true. We face a lot of troubles, stress, and a seemingly unending train of hassle that we would really rather not remember.

Those that qualify for the “de-stress drinker” is one that tends to drown their sorrows in a glass of their chosen poison. These are usually the ones that end up needing to drink more and more and on a fairly regular basis.

Hedonistic Drinker

Hedonistic drinkers are those that consistently crave something different and pleasurable. A good example of this would be Chuck Bass from the show Gossip Girl. He was someone that had no real world problems but mostly spent his time trying to find something new to break the monotony of his existence.

Studies have found that hedonistic drinkers are usually divorced individuals with grown offspring and those that crave for something to set them apart from other people.

Moving Forward…

Understanding the different sorts of binge drinkers can help to better root out the source of the problem and obtain sobriety. There are other types of binge drinkers out there and it’s important to be aware of them.

What sort of binge drinkers are you aware of?