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Powering Through: How You Can Stay the Course in the Face of Withdrawal

One of the biggest hurdles facing recovering alcoholics would be withdrawal symptoms which can last for quite some time. Today, we wanted to discuss how recovering alcoholics can stay the course in the face of withdrawal.

Last time, we discussed a few of the common withdrawal symptoms. In today’s discussion, we want to share some of our personal tips on how you can stick to your quest for sobriety. For example:

Staying Hydrated

Withdrawal symptoms will wrack your body in ways that you could not imagine to feel. You will sweat, you will tremble, and you will probably expel most of your body’s fluids. Staying hydrated is a good way to keep your body healthy while in the midst of withdrawal.

Get Support

One of the biggest mistakes that a recovering alcoholic can do is to attempt weathering withdrawal symptoms alone. It is important that you are not alone while you go through the whole process of withdrawal. You will rant and rave and may even get physical just to get the pain to stop.

You need people you can trust and have your best interests at heart around you at this critical time. If you do not have any friends or family to help you, consider approaching an organization that prioritizes the well-beings of those who want to achieve sobriety.

Use That Cold Shower

A lot of people do not actually realize the power of a cold shower. When you are in the midst of the temptation to relapse or when you are in the middle of some pretty volatile withdrawal symptoms, a cold shower can be the swift dose of cold reality that can help you remember your goal.

The pain is only for now and the cold shower will help you with it.

Consider In-Patient Admission

If you are not confident in your own capability to weather through withdrawal symptoms, you may want to consider going in for an in-patient admission at your local hospital or rehabilitation center. They are fully equipped and have staff that is trained to help address issues that recovering alcoholics will end up facing.

They can really help to keep you safe as you make the difficult trek toward continued sobriety.

Moving Forward…

Withdrawal symptoms are known to be highly uncomfortable and can be a physically—and mentally—jarring experience. There have been so many to give up at the first taste of pain following the decision to go sober. Yes, this is a highly difficult point in time but you must remember that the pain is temporary. A much better you and a much better form of existence awaits you in the realm of sobriety.

How did your withdrawal symptoms go? How did you manage to stay the course?