Self Help Sobriety

Self Help: How You Can Aim for Sobriety on Your Own Terms

When it comes to tackling alcohol addiction, most people believe that it is not something that one cannot battle on their own. While it may be difficult, it is not something that is impossible. Today, we wanted to discuss with you how you can aim for sobriety on your own terms.

By “your own terms” we’re not talking about signing up for rehab or going for therapy. We’ll be focusing on some ways you can try to achieve sobriety by yourself. There are a lot of different ways to go about it and these are the ones that we can personally vouch for:

Realizing Triggers

For a lot of people who drink to excess, the reason can be traced to something in their life like work, a place, family, friends, or even relationships. These are some of the common ‘excuses’ or reasons why people drink.

When you understand what triggers your urge to drink, you can take steps to actively avoid it.

Filling Your Time

A lot of the time those that make it a habit to drink tend to allot a certain time of day for it. A great way to stave off the addiction and the actual drinking is to fill your time with suitable alternative activities. For example, if you find yourself drinking mostly at night, find something else that you can do during that time.

You can book friends, pick up a hobby which requires your full attention, you can even schedule working out at this time or even meditation. Find one that works well with your schedule and your preferences. Keeping yourself occupied with activities lessens the likelihood of you staying away from the drink.

Read Up

One of the best things about a subject like alcohol addiction is that it is something that many people are invested in solving. It is either they experienced it themselves or someone they know or knew was an alcoholic.

Read books like A Drinking Life by author Pete Hamill. Discover other people’s journeys with alcoholism and how it affected their professions and life. You could also try reading Running with Scissors. The author, Augusten Burroughs, chronicles his mother’s mental illness and eventual addiction and how it affected his life. It also discusses Burroughs’ own foray into alcohol and drug usage.

There is nothing quite as sobering as reading about someone else’s struggle and subsequent end or redemption.

Learn the Power of NO

There will always be temptation in your life. Others may not even realize that they’re risking your wellbeing when they ask you out. You should learn to say “NO” even at the risk of offending other people. The power of the word NO will keep you on track toward recovery.

Moving Forward…

Some of us tried out the different methods mentioned above and met varying degrees of success. No matter what method you choose, it all depends on your will to change and leave alcohol behind. Before you choose a method, we highly suggest that you educate yourself and empower your choices. After all, everyone has their own preferences and capabilities. It would be best to choose a method that you think you would be able to handle well.

Did you try to combat alcoholism by yourself? What method did you choose?