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Talking about Steps: Why a Routine Helps Stave Away Drinking Temptation

In the journey towards complete and consistent sobriety, there are certain things that you can actively do to better your chances for it. You can go for therapy or group sessions. Personally, we like the simplicity and efficacy of routines.

What is a Routine?

A routine is a predetermined set of actions that is normally done day after day. As a child we were given routines to acclimatize us to stimulation and help us sleep. As children and teens, we had a steady schedule which included school or even a few extra curricular activities.

As adults, a routine is best to help maximize our time, effort, and money.

Why Does It Help?

An alcoholic is someone who has lost control over their impulses and their capability to contain their decisions. Having a routine can help for a variety of reasons. Reasons like:


Recovering alcoholics benefits from having structure. Any therapist will tell you that having structure is a key ingredient in staying sober. Structure provides comfort and a safe environment as they pick up their confidence.

Someone who has been in the throes of addiction will tell you that even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming. Having routine can rebuild someone’s confidence at handling tasks and day to day events.

Keeps You Busy

Someone who has struggled with addiction will tell you that being idle is a nightmare. Having a routine ensures that the recovering person keeps away form any form of idleness that can drive them to drink. Having a routine means that you’ll have a better idea of what to do with your time.

You can even better plot your days to maximize your recovery and your wellness programs. It allows you to clarify what is important and keep you away from temptation and boredom.

Establish Goals

Having a routine helps a recovering person understand what they should aim to attain. Routines make it easier for people to set their goals. It provides a very realistic timeframe on what they are able to do versus what they want to do.

Keeping track of the progression of your recovery is a great boost to one’s confidence.

Moving Forward…

Having a routine is important for anyone that is trying to keep away from grabbing another drink. We all know that it is virtually impossible to completely remove temptation from one’s life. There will always be instances and people that may inadvertently give you access to alcohol. This is why having a routine heightens your chances of staying away from being tempted.

Do you have a routine? What sort of routine would you build for yourself?