Alcohol Addiction Signs

The Hard Truth: Common Signs That You Have an Alcohol Problem

Addiction is never an easy topic to broach. However, knowing that there is a problem at hand is one of the first steps in the right direction toward recovery. Today, we’ll look at common signs that an alcohol problem exists in your life.

Knowing the signs and fully acknowledging them is one of the key ingredients toward getting help and recovering. Here are some of the common signs that you may be an alcoholic and there is an alcohol problem in your life.


One of the more common signs that you have an alcohol problem is if your hands start to shake a few hours after imbibing a drink. This means that your system has gotten so used to having alcohol in it that it is now undergoing withdrawal. Normally, a body wouldn’t go into withdrawal unless there has been an excessive and constant presence of alcohol in your system.

Binge Drinking

When you go on regular binge drinking sessions, you really should take that as an indication that you have an alcohol problem. Drinking is fine in moderation. If you find yourself drinking every day and to excess, you have a problem that you should sort out.

Mood Swings

A common sign that someone has an alcohol addiction would be erratic mood swings. This isn’t something that is the same as the mood swings of someone who has a mental illness. The mood swings are often good a few hours after imbibing a drink and turn for the worse the far off the last drink session was.

Moving Forward…

It is never a pleasant thing to admit that you have lost control or in the throes of an addiction. If you do manage to acknowledge that there is a prevalent issue, you’re already made one of the hardest steps toward sobriety.

Everyone who has struggled with addiction has their own “I DO have a problem” moment; what was yours like?

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